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7 Ways To Find Compare And Contrast College Essay Examples

While you are looking for the best examples, you need to look for specific elements in your writing. First of all choose your topic carefully. Furthermore, choose the one where you can demonstrate your points conveniently. You should be very clear regarding both the sides (A and B) in hand.

Here are 7 elements you need to look in an example-

  1. Topic should be interesting: If the topic is interesting it will catch the public interest. Go for an intensive research and prepare a list of topics that you find interesting. Finally, pick the best one that you feel has sufficient information and you can express clearly.
  2. Gather examples from various places: Secondly after the topic has been decided, visit school or college libraries, surf internet, refer friends, teachers etc.
  3. Effective introduction: Thirdly, the essay example should have an effectual introduction after which you can start making comparison for both the subjects while discussing the same point. In subject by subject comparison, you can easily separate the body keeping your concepts clear. After you have introduced the subject, write on the first subject and then on the second subject.
  4. Conclusion decides the content of the essay: When you look the conclusion it should restate the thesis in crisp and clear manner while recapitulating the entire paper in few words. Remember, it has to be concise.
  5. Writing differences or similarities step by step: When you are making comparison, think from both the perspectives. Comparing means writing similarities while writing contrast means stating the differences. So, ensure that these are clearly stated step by step
  6. Analyze your prompt or question in hand. When you break down the ideas into manageable sections, it clears the understanding of the writers as well as the readers. It makes the job simple and easy. For example if you are supposed to write a viewpoint of two scientists on pollution in the form of a compare and contrast essay you should first write an attractive introduction and then write the similarities that both the scientists agree with and then write a contrast section where you will talk about each of the scientist regarding the thought process, actions and their stated words. Choose similar format composition in the example.
  7. Graphic representation: You can also reveal your thought process in the form of graphic representation of Venn diagram where common point in the circle will reveal similarity of thoughts while the uncommon areas in the circle will show differences in the opinion.