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A Fresh Collection Of Global Problem Solution Essay Topics

There are thousands of problems in the world that it is almost impossible to miss an essay idea. The problems are social, financial, political, health, religious, etc. Despite having a wide field of topics to consider, choosing a topic becomes tricky. It should be understood that a topic is not only a collection of words. Some are a win while others are a total failure. How then do you select a winning topic?

Choose a Unique Area

There are common areas of study where by problems seem to be obvious. To produce a captivating paper, avoid such areas. You are unlikely to offer anything new to your readers. Find a unique area to focus on. The best topics are on emerging or mutating issues. You have an opportunity to offer a considered solution on emerging issues.

Read Extensively

Some solutions appear to be obvious. This is not always the case. Some solutions cannot stand academic scrutiny. You need a deeper understanding of the issue to effectively offer a solution. The best solutions come from extensive reading. It also helps you to spot authors, books, institutions and authoritative persons who share ideas similar to yours. This boosts the credibility of your arguments.

Choose are Relevant Title

The topic should be relevant to your discipline of study. If you are studying language, focus on problems in language. Law students should write on legal challenges. An environmental scientist should focus on problems related to the environment. A reader picking your paper will therefore have legitimate expectations.

Here are fresh ideas on global problems and their solutions.

  1. Curbing the antisocial behaviors emanating from social media
  2. Stopping big banks and financial institutions from impoverishing masses
  3. When religious fundamentalism gets out of hand
  4. Reducing the environmental damage resulting from increased uptake of smart phones
  5. Labor migration as a new form of slavery
  6. Stopping the health dangers posed by processed foods
  7. Why generation Y is unable to hold onto jobs for long
  8. Reducing the increasing cases of divorce and broken families
  9. Sustainable and affordable energy solutions for cities
  10. When political uprisings lead to greater social problems
  11. Balancing academic achievement and entrepreneurship
  12. Equipping learners with skills that will remain relevant in the coming decades
  13. Curbing lifestyle diseases emanating from overreliance on technology
  14. The solution to escalating racism
  15. Bridging the gap between law enforcers and citizens