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Four Tried And Tested Strategies To Help You Start An Expository Essay

In an expository essay you will explain a process, technique, or procedure. It has more of an explanation and focus on order than a descriptive essay, but less of a step-by-step regiment that a how-to paper. It is a perfect mix of both styles.

With any paper, the start and the conclusion are the two most important parts of the whole document. You will want to start and to finish strong. When you start strong, you get your audience’s attention. When you finish strong, you answer all the questions the reader may have about the subject. You soundly close the door.

Many young writers struggle with the best way to begin a paper. If you have some advice to follow, the job may be much easier. Use our four tried and tested strategies on how to start an expository essay.

Four Strategies

  1. Use a quote-not too long ago; quotes were discouraged as a hook method. That trend has changed, and now it is perfectly acceptable to use a quote in your introduction. Just try to make sure that your quote is the perfect fit, and not a random choice. Then tie the quote into the paper’s focus.
  2. You can use a starling or amazing statistic-a strong number or percentage about your topic can quickly grab the audience’s attention. Just make sure the fact is relative to the topic and that you cite the source.
  3. You can tell a story-a rather innovative way to start the piece is by telling a story. You do need to make sure that the story is not so long that it takes up the majority of the paper or that your reader loses interest.
  4. At the beginning of the paper, you can also ask a thought-provoking question. Ask the kind of question that makes your reader deeply consider the subject and then focus on the paper in order to see your answer to the question. Make sure the question s not random, but instead relative to the topic.

As you ponder how to begin your expository piece, use one of our four easy procedures. You can use a quote, give a strong fact, tell a story, or ask an important question. Each of these methods will be effective and each one of them will hook your reader’s attention quickly.