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Six Brilliant Ideas For An Essay Topic On Newspaper

A topic on newspapers may appear in any discipline. This provides a variety of areas to explore in your essay. The main consideration to make when writing the paper is to ensure that it is relevant to your discipline. For instance, a topic on newspapers from a journalist’s point of view differs from the perspective of a marketer. Here are interesting ideas to look at when writing on newspapers.

Is there a Future for Newspapers in the Face of Technology?

Such a topic gives you a chance to analyze the history and business model on which newspapers are based. It is from your analysis that you will highlight the disruptive technology or environment that works against the old newspaper model. You will also be required to recognize issues that have enabled the newspaper to survive despite existence of technology decades on. Highlight the traditions associated with newspapers that are impossible to replace with technology. You may also consider innovative ways used by newspapers to survive the technological onslaught.

Newspapers and Editorial Independence

Such an essay topic allows you to evaluate the forces behind newspaper production and their influence on content. Find out where newspapers get their revenue from and the impact such revenue has on content. Consider the inclinations of editors and journalists and whether they have shown indications of biasness.

When Should Writers Take Responsibility and Not the Firm?

Newspaper writers sometimes produce stories that are unpalatable or controversial. Most of these stories run on opinion columns. There is a debate on who takes responsibility. Should the paper have sieved the content or does the writer hold the responsibility. This is especially pronounced during defamation cases.

Which is the Best Time to Release Newspapers?

Traditionally, newspapers were sold in the morning. Today, the news is already stale considering other channels like television and social media. Consumption trends have also changed demanding a shift in release hours. This is an interesting topic to look at.

When the Paper Goes Digital

Books have gone online and so have radios and live streaming televisions. Some newspapers are offering their content online yet still maintain the printed paper. Use your essay to explore this move and how it can be executed smoothly to offer maximum benefits to the paper.

Is There Room for More Newspaper Brands?

The world is proving unpredictable. People are entering into businesses that were written off and succeeding. Explore whether the newspaper market has been exhausted or there is room for a new paper. What does the paper need to do to succeed?