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The Best Examples Of Thesis Statements For Argumentative Essays

Essentially, a thesis statement refers to the introduction of your paper. This is where you state the problem and give possible hints to a solution as well. However, in writing a thesis statement for an argumentative essay, there are slight differences that you have to take note of.

With this particular kind of paper, you are writing to argue a certain point of contention regarding one concept. Therefore, your thesis statement should have the basic premise of your argument and why you think this belief should be contended. In this article, we will give you some of the most well-written examples of the thesis statement. We will also show how you can use it to your advantage when creating your own argumentative form of writing.

Give a Clear and Concise Point

Always remember that a good argumentative thesis statement goes straight to the point. This means that their points of argument should always be clear and concise. Do not write something like, “Junk food is bad and therefore should be avoided.” Instead, write something to the effect of the following sentence.

“The American people should eliminate the consumption of genetically modified organisms in the food on account of them causing various diseases such as diabetes, and obesity among others.”

In this particular statement, you can see how the writer gives you a clear idea about his stand on that issue at hand. Here is another example that you should note.

“The victims of Hurricane Katrina should have complete access to livelihood programs that will help alleviate their condition and move on from the tragedy. However, the government’s efforts to help them remain to be subpar.”

In this particular statement, you can see that the writer has firm beliefs about the relief efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This also brings me to my second point, which is that your argumentative thesis statement should have a debatable subject.

A good thesis statement for the argumentative write up should always have a point of contention. If you are just going to state facts about the human condition, then it will turn out to be a descriptive paragraph. Make sure that your thesis statement will be able to spark people to ask questions and find the answers through discussion. This way, you will have written an interesting argumentative essay in the end.

Here is another example of a thesis statement that you can use.

“People should limit the use of technology to live healthier and more dynamic lives. The technology prevents people from physical activity, which can be detrimental to their health.”

This statement will certainly spark an argument over whether are not technology has gone too far regarding making life easier for us. It will certainly be a good topic for an argumentative essay, don’t you think? You should use it as soon as you can.