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Great Places Worth Visiting For An Example Of An Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, it is critical to think out of the box. Basically you will be trying to make people see the two sides of the same coin but then again be forced to persuade them that only one side is the best between the two. This can be a daunting task to accomplish if you look at it critically. It is not very easy; apart from being a very convincing person, it will also be very important for you to have your facts right. It is not possible to win an argument without the proper facts and it is important that you have the right ones before you begin your writing.

For instance, when you are asked to write an argumentative essay about places that are worth visiting; the places that are being looked at here are not the usual places that most people will be comfortable with visiting. These are places that most people will usually shy away from and your one task here is to convince them that they should; actually not shy away from visiting these places.

You might be thinking that it could be quite difficult to come up with these places and if you are please note that you already have a problem as you should be thinking outside the box. Below are a number of places that you can consider.

Holy Places

There are quite a number of holy places in the world today such as shrines and other important buildings that the religious people hold very dear. These might not be fun places to be at per se or might not even be interesting places for people who are not religious to visit. This is however where your task comes in; you should be able to convince your audience of the rich history, heritage and knowledge that is held in these places and how much they would benefit from all these among other things.

War ton countries

You see the world is an amazing collection of beautiful countries each with something different to offer. The one mistake that we usually make as citizens of the world is assuming that because one area of a country is war torn, the whole country is. This is actually a misconception and there are actually very good things to see and exiting places to visit in these countries that are usually classified as war-torn. Your work when writing this argumentative essay is to make your audience see this other side of the coin.