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Compositional Ideas For Writing A Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

Smoking has been a part of many societies the world over for many centuries and it continues to be so. Despite the rise in medical advice against the practice, it just does not discourage new smokers from popping up. Because of the highly discussed status that smoking currently maintains it is quite likely that you could find tons of information on it. The act of preparing an excellent cause and effect essay about smoking is an entirely different thing because you have certain protocols to adhere to.

The list of topics below will contain several compositional ideas for writing a cause and effect essay about smoking. Not every title would be easy to write on by everyone but you should attempt all for best results. Once you understand the basic rules and regulations that govern the creation and structure of the assignment things should work.

  1. Speak heavily on the negative effects of smoking and be sure to give examples and statistical data because this type of assignment requires it.
  2. State how government owned tobacco factories have been given the rights to produce tobacco products exclusively and what that means to the average farmer.
  3. So some research into the reasons that marijuana was branded as an illegal drug.
  4. Show how smokers can regain their health to some degree after successfully quitting the dangerous habit.
  5. Why do the government of some nations still allow the sale of wrapping paper in mini marts and village shops if they want to curb the use of illegal drugs?
  6. Describe how devastating this habit can be to anyone who is currently engaged in the act.
  7. Inform your readers on the health benefits of medicinal marijuana when compared to the illegal strain.
  8. Do the warning signs printed on a cigarette pack deter the smoker from buying and partaking of the product in any way?
  9. Detail the annual revenue that the average tobacco factory generates in each major city within the United States as well as the rest of the world.
  10. Have the testimonies of various lung cancer patients occupy the majority of your paper in order to emphasize how dangerous this addiction can be.
  11. Does the reference of smoking in movies and prime time television influence younger individuals to smoke?
  12. If the tobacco in cigarettes were not as processed and chemical soaked as they are would it still be such an unhealthy practice?