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Crafting An Excellent College Essay About Christian Education

Writing an excellent college essay can seem like a daunting task. Whether you're writing about a random topic or you're writing about something very specific like Christian education, it's important to craft your writing well, ensuring that the work you're putting out is excellent.

Like most types of essays, there are several things you can do to better craft your writing. They include having a:

  • Strong Thesis
  • Tailored audience
  • Tailored topic
  • Strong conclusion
  • Research

When writing about Christian education you will want to have a clear and concise thesis. The thesis should be around one to two sentences. Typically you will place your thesis at the end of the introduction. It's also helpful to provide a quick background on Christian education in your introduction. This should be done without giving away too much valuable information that can be utilized in the body of the essay.

You will also want to tailor your writing to your audience. Before you begin writing, identify your target audience. Are you writing for parents who have elementary grade kids, or are you writing for the parent who has a child that's looking to enroll at a Christian college? Identifying your target audience ahead of time will allow your writing to stay more focused, which should make it more engaging.

While narrowing down your audience by age group and etc. will help narrow down your topic, another effective way of doing this would be to focus on one or two types of Christian education. There are many different types of Christian schools available, such as Baptist, Presbyterian and so on. Once again, doing this will narrow down the focus, making the topic less broad and easier to write.

So you've got a solid thesis and you've nailed down your target audience and figured out exactly who you're writing for. Now comes the research aspect. While it's not exactly a research paper, you will still want to do enough research to have a through understanding of Christian education. Create questions that you would like your writing to answer, and research those answers. For instance, if you want to explain how a Christian education works, you could explain a typical schooling experience for the student from grade school through college.

Lastly, your writing regarding Christian education will need to have a strong conclusion to tie your thesis together and give it a solid ending that leaves a lasting impression. Articulate your thoughts, don't just write them down. Just like the thesis, it's important that your conclusion be clear, concise and not too long. Allot three or four sentences to wrap up your essay.